Many artists today are self contained, with or without a band. Sometimes they play all the instruments, sometimes they need players. We can give you recommendations to get the players you need that will be responsive to your vision of your project. We can personally contribute vocals, back up vocals, keys, keyboard horns & strings, bass, drums, electric, acoustic, rhythm & lead guitars, swarmandal, strum dulcimer, mandolin, ukulele, bouzouki, dobro, harmonica & percussion overdubs should you desire such colors.


Feather Records is a division of our production co. Wizard & Feather Brown Productions. We provide a mix of recording, producing and engineering services to musicians. Cindy & Lauren love working with artists & their original music. Whether it's capturing a gem of a performance or actually arranging the parts to be played by & around the artist, we'll work to get your ideas & ideas you like that enhance your songs & make sure you're sounding as professional as possible, without the pressure of watching the studio clock. That's the beauty of having a private recording studio: The project is done when it's done. There's always more time that can be booked because we're not working with a ton of sessions 'round the clock.

PassaBrown Recording Studio is equipped with an analog Studiomaster 32 channel mixing console, made in England. There are 32 digital ADAT tracks. Lexicon effects. Rane & Berhinger outboard EQ. Alesis, Symetrix, DBX, HHB & Joe Meek compressors & limiters. Bellari, ART, HHB, Berhinger & Focusrite mic pres. AKG, Neumann, Audio Technica, Studio Projects, CAD, Shure & Electro Voice mics.


CRAVE, Elizabeth Lorrey's band recorded their single HIDE & the tracks to their album, GARDEN PARTY. Elizabeth especially loved how comfortable it was to cut her vocals here.

THADDEUS HOGARTH recorded the bass & drums & some instrument overdubs to his album, WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN. Lauren did the mixing. He loved how warm the tracks sounded even though we recorded to ADATS. (available at

SARAH BURRILL recorded her album STAINED GLASS & loved how relaxed the sessions were & how much attention Cindy & I gave to every detail. (available at

LYNN MCKENNA is currently working on a new album in a few studios. She really wanted my input on her song EVERY STORY IS TRUE. She loved that the song came alive when I changed the tempo, feel & groove.

SONIA RUTSTEIN (of Disappear Fear) recorded the basics & some overdubs on an album of songs to accompany her book ROY G. BIV. She loved the location & the vegetarian food.

RUTH MENDELSON recorded her award winning soundtrack to Cape Cod a Video Tour as well as music for several episodes of HOME AGAIN WITH BOB VILLA & the source music to an HBO special. She loved the convenience of knowing she could book studio time when she needed it & the time would be available.

ZACK KOERPER loved working out all the pre-production kinks of his album, A BIT FURTHER. Like a practice run through he was able to make performance, arrangement & player decisions in our private studio to be ready to record in an expensive commercial studio.

Back To The Bone, Lauren Passarelli


Shadow Language, Two Tru


Stained Glass, Sarah Burrill