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Berklee Today: Meet the Beatle


Lauren endorses Vox, Martin, Sennheiser, Furman, Danelectro, Guild, Taylor, L Bendito, DR. Handmade Strings, Tech 21, Washburn, Electro Voice, Studiomaster, Fender, Hofner, Rane, Joe Meek & Studio Projects.

About Lauren

Lauren Passarelliís insatiable desire for guitar started when she was four years old and wanted to be a Beatle. Now a professor at Berklee College of Music, she is known as one of the most distinctive, pop/rock guitarists. Laurenís orchestrated guitar parts incorporate more than just rhythm or lead guitar playing. Audibly there is a rare combination of both simultaneously harmonically rich, melodically memorable and rhythmically alive.

She hooked up with producer & arranger Cindy Brown whose writing and impressionistic textures add a sophisticated edge to the songs. Lyrically their songs reflect great depth of thought and emotion. Together they define the sound of their art/rock band, Two Tru - a compelling combination of influences resulting in an original stamp on song writing with signature guitar & keyboard arrangements that are as memorable as the songs themselves.

All together now

Lauren also plays in a Beatles Tribute band called All Together Now. She loves recreating the famous guitar parts prominent on the Beatles' records. She contributes the "George" guitars and vocal sounds, both of which benefit from technology and a passion for detail.

lauren picture one.

photo by Craig S. Semon

lauren picture two.

photo by Cindy Brown